July 14, 2015


Love Dominos

Last week I got this out of the blue text from a friend, “I just want you to know I think you are a gifted, giving, unique soul that I feel blessed to know and love.” It totally made my day, and inspired me not just to text back a love note to that friend, but to send sweet messages to other friends and to express my adoration to my family.

I saw how our daughter received it, and then expressed her admiration for a girl in line at the store, telling her how pretty she looked.

Love dominos. One to the next. It works.

Expressing your admiration and love for someone is a win-win-win situation. We often don’t take the time to make these little communications. Not because we don’t feel it, but perhaps because we’re too busy, or too shy, or it’s just been awhile since we stopped to reflect on how much our people mean to us.

That’s why we’ve created #lovesharewin. It’s a simple system for encouraging you to take the time, and it has a structure that we hope will keep it from feeling silly.

You get the win of the feeling that is created when you open your heart and pour love out. A recent study at the University of Texas found that the expression of affection doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you – producing measurable health benefits. Another study showed that writing a letter expressing feelings of love lowered people’s stress levels, and it did so faster than simply thinking about a loved one, journaling, meditating or doing nothing.

Making a warm connection is good for you. It’s worth taking the time for it – even if just for your health! It could potentially be more beneficial than meditation.

The recipient gets the win of a surprise expression of love in their email. Imagine this sweet person diligently entering the office potty schedule into Excel when they get a ping in their inbox telling them what an awesome human they are! It will make their day, or at least make them smile.

They are also likely to instantly relax a bit, breathe a little deeper, and feel less stressed – all things that are important for optimal wellness. So, basically, by sending them a little love note through #lovesharewin, you’re improving their health. You’re such a good friend ;).

The world gets the win of having more sweetness being exchanged and the ripple effect that creates. When someone receives unexpected praise and love, it increases the likelihood that they will go on to express their own appreciation of someone else. And then that person is more likely to feel joyful and continue to spread the sweetness. Love dominos in action!

Oh, and one more win . . . when you send this love note via #lovesharewin, they are entered to win a $100 Dragontree Apothecary gift certificate, and so are you. Every month we draw a winner from all the entries to win a gift certificate for our handmade, artisan bath and body, muscle and joint relief, or supplement products.

We’re so excited about this project and the major ripples of love it can create in the world. Go here to get started: thedragontree.com/lovesharewin

Briana and everyone at The Dragontree

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